Academic Work

Book chapter: “Who speaks for Baltimore? How journalists understood their authority and ability to represent ‘place’ during the 2015 unrest.” Race, News and the City: Uncovering Baltimore. Linda Steiner and Silvio Waisbord, eds. Routledge, May 2017.

“What makes Chinatown Chinatown? Talking about change in Washington, D.C.,” research and qualitative mapping project presented at “Story Mapping: Changing neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.,” forum hosted by University of Maryland Urban Studies and Planning program, May 2016

“Who speaks for the ‘real’ Baltimore? How journalists understand their authority and ability to represent place,” slide presented at “Baltimore Forum: Research and the City,” University of Maryland, College Park, April 2016

“A ‘Radiopublic’? Defining Early Radio Audiences in Radio Digest and Radio Broadcast Magazines,” paper presented at Joint Journalism and Communication History Conference (American Journalism Historians Association and History Division of AEJMC), New York City, March 2015

My master’s thesis for the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia is titled The Sounds of Red and Blue America: Dissecting Musical References to “Red State” and “Blue State” Identity in Print Media During the 2004 Presidential Campaign. View the abstract and full text of the thesis.