Skills & Services

I have 15 years of experience doing research, writing, editing, and project management for journalistic, university, academic, nonprofit, and government publications.

I’m skilled at conceiving, writing, producing and editing a range of media, including journalism stories, public history projects, and grant proposals. I know how to tailor stories for a variety of outlets and audiences. I also have experience writing for digital platforms and producing/editing video and audio. Additionally, I’m adept at in-depth, long-term  academic and archival research.

If your publication is seeking thoughtful, compelling stories about arts, history, culture or media subjects, I’m your gal. If you need an editor who can help create clean, engaging copy, I can do that too. If your organization needs someone to research and write for public projects; write grant proposals; or produce public information materials such as newsletters or website copy, I can help. If you’re looking for someone to develop and shepherd a new project, give me a call.

I have experience working with publications staffs, documentary film companies, federal agencies and contractors, nonprofit teams and small businesses on multiple aspects of the production process, including editorial planning, layout, editing and copyediting. I know how to digest large amounts of information, keep track of details, obsess about accuracy and meet deadlines. I’m skilled at paring down complicated layers of information in any subject area, identifying important pieces of context, and producing media that is accessible to a range of audiences. I have an ear and eye for what makes a good narrative.

My profession has given me the opportunity to work with people of various ages, classes, experiences and ethnic backgrounds. I thrive working as part of team but I’m also adept at working independently and taking the lead. I believe plenty of straightforward communication is the key to a healthy working relationship.

My skills and experience include:

• News and feature writing/reporting about arts, culture, history and media for magazines and newspapers

• Academic research, including archival and historical research

• Writing and editing copy for websites and mobile apps

• Conceptualizing and creating website content and posting it using content management systems and basic HTML

• Writing grant proposals

• Writing and researching for documentary film

• Writing, editing and laying out newsletters and outreach materials for nonprofits and businesses

• Recording and editing audio, producing radio stories and podcasts

• Producing video

• Organizing events and presenting public programs, including for the National Park Service